Create a partnership in health
You and Dr. Auer agree to share equal responsibility for the development and execution of your wellness plan. This therapeutic partnership helps ensure that your efforts to improve your health will succeed.


Assess your current health
We use various techniques to determine your current health state. These include examining all the systems of the body, conducting a detailed analysis of your medical history, and reviewing your life for significant events like accidents, major illnesses, surgeries, and traumas.


Understand your desired health state
Education plays a critical role in your health transformation. Our 360 Wellness Program will teach you how to articulate your maximum potential for efficiency and balance, and how to assess where your body is at all times on the continuum of health and well-being.


Identify capabilities and success factors
Each person's ability to change and adapt is different. Once we understand your desired health state, we assess your capabilities and, based on those capabilities, determine reasonable short- and long-term goals.


Design and implement your 360 Wellness Program
No one treatment fits all. Your 360 Wellness Program will be designed specifically for you and flexible depending on the progress being made. You'll develop a clearer picture of your overall health, and learn core health concepts that apply to everyday life.