I had the traditional blood tests with my Internist. Nothing showed up. I still had nausea after eating.The endoscopy showed no issue. My Internist suggested antacids and a surgeon. I was feeling so bad. My stomach/gut was not predictable processing the food I ate. I am currently working with Dr. Auer in his Long Distance Program. I felt better within the first week. I am at the 11 week point and I feel so much better. I have no nausea and Dr. Auer’s testing has shown other areas that needed to be addressed with my entire endocrine system. He is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to what I am saying. I actually prefer the long distance approach. We have scheduled communications and his office staff is great to work with. Everyone’s time is respected. Dr. Auer is concerned about how my entire system is working, not just my stomach. I feel so much better!
— C. Boruvka
I was not in good shape before I met Dr. Auer. I had high blood pressure, insomnia, stiffness neck, and shoulder pain. They troubled me for years. Then I was told that I am pre-diabetic, and it really woke me up. My daughter said she needed to find a doctor to fix my body before it was too late. Dr. Auer has plenty of practical Nutrition knowledge, and he is an experienced Chiropractic. He is just the one we are looking for ! :) At first, Dr. Auer reviewed my blood test and questioned every detail about my medical history, then he gave me some treatments and supplements recommendations. During about 6 months of treatments and a balanced diet, I feel better and better day by day, in many respects. I do not look like a sick person anymore—I feel younger, more energetic, and happier to live life to its fullest. I also did a Food Test and a Detox program with Dr. Auer, they helped me to better understand the importance between food and health, and changed my lifestyle in months. I am so lucky to have met Dr. Auer, and have the chance to accept his modern, innovative treatment. I have never felt better and been in better health. I still regularly see Dr. Auer. I value his advice very much—he is like my health, nutritional, and spiritual advisor. Dr. Auer is strongly committed to his patients and his approach is encouraging and supportive. I can positively say I love my new lifestyle, it gives me a whole new life ! If I can do it, you can too !
— LiShu H.
I’ve never experienced such instant results after seeing Dr Auer for pain in my feet. I am amazed. I used to have up to ten short painful jabs in my toes and tops of my feet every day. Now it’s gone.
— Diana D.
A delightful, informative, and healing experience. I will be back whenever I feel the need!
— Joyce M.
Dr. Auer is very thorough, very knowledgeable, very kind. I look forward to increased and on-going wellness under his care.
— Janet H.
When I first met Dr. Auer, he said he had to run a number of tests. I was very skeptical as I already had a big binder full of reports ordered by endocrinologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, a rheumatologist, a naturopath and an Integrative Medicine practitioner over the past 9 years with absolutely no diagnosis.

But this time it was different. Today, 9 months later, I am a different person. My muscle pain, dry skin and dry eyes are so much better and my energy levels have improved a lot. In just a couple of months he restored 90% range of motion in my shoulder which had been frozen for years. I am now able to do things I never thought I would be able to do again. I wish I had found Dr. Auer earlier; it would have saved me from years of excruciating pain.

If you are looking for a doctor who gets to the root of your problems and is also perceptive, patient and understanding, look no further. Not to forget Adam, the Office Manager, is the sweetest person ever.

Yay to Dr. Auer and two thumbs up.

And don’t forget to check out Dr. Auer’s Bone Broth recipe, I love it.
— Kala R.
The quality of care and attention at Auer Integrative Health is consistently excellent and covers a wide variety of areas. I have always left feeling better than when I came in, and the care + education I continue to receive is helping me to live the healthiest and happiest lifestyle I could have ever imagined. In addition, the office staff is not only very friendly, but also provides superior service and satisfaction. I recommend highly.
— Ziva N.