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  • Christy B.
    I had the traditional blood tests with my Internist. Nothing showed up. I still had nausea after eating.The endoscopy showed no issue. My Internist suggested antacids and a surgeon. I was feeling so bad. My stomach/gut was not predictable processing the food I ate. I am currently working with Dr. Auer in his Long Distance Program. I felt better within the first week. I am at the 11 week point and I feel so much better. I have no nausea and Dr. Auer’s testing has shown other areas that needed to be addressed with my entire endocrine system. He is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to what I am saying. I actually prefer the long distance approach. We have scheduled communications and his office staff is great to work with. Everyone’s time is respected. Dr. Auer is concerned about how my entire system is working, not just my stomach. I feel so much better!
    Christy B.
  • Jane H.
    In less than 4 months time, Dr. Auer has improved my health immensely. I came to Dr. Auer being generally healthy but with nagging complaints of low grade fatigue, some insomnia, daily afternoon headaches, and vague low grade digestion issues. Those symptoms are now totally gone. My regular general practitioner would offer advice like, "here's a pamphlet about reducing stress", "try walking more often", "being a 40-something mom of 2 kids is demanding", "if the sleep problem continues, maybe we can think about Ambien". What a difference compared with my visit to Dr. Auer. My first visit was what healthcare should look like: professional, comprehensive (not just focused on 1 or 2 issues), and relaxed, with time for coaching and questions. What a difference in approach and what a difference in results! I'm still a bit amazed that these problems were eradicated so quickly. While this type of healthcare is not inexpensive, it's been a great investment. (Seriously, solid deep sleep is SO worth it!) All along I felt like Dr. Auer recommended tests only where the results would materially change my treatment, and pointed out where my GP might be able to run tests through my insurance plan for less out of pocket expense for me. Supplements can be expensive, but they worked. I consider the cost a successful investment in my current quality of life and in my future health I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Auer's practice.
    Jane H.
  • Nixa
    I came to see Dr. Auer because I felt I was at a plateau in my health. I am a health coach and live an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, but I was still getting allergy symptoms and skin irritations. Dr. Auer uses muscle testing and applied kinesiology to determine your course of treatment. I will have to say that I am so enlightened by my visits with the knowledge that he shares. He is very down to earth and breaks it down to you with what is going on in your body. For most, the first few visits may seem kind of pricey, but that's because you have to do initial blood work and labs. However, I see it as investing in your health which will last you a lifetime. Since seeing Dr. Auer, I can feel my health improving and I'm definitely on the road to optimal health.
  • Lan R.
    Before I met Dr Auer, I had a severe allergic reaction to certain foods. I itched for hours and days, my fingers were tingling and my legs were restless. During my first visit, Dr Auer listened to me carefully and asked a lot of questions. I then learned that I am allergic to certain foods primarily wheat. Once I followed his treatment and recommendations consistently, all my problems went away. Although my health is in great form, I continue to see Dr Auer several times a year. I'd strongly recommend Dr Auer to anyone who's seeking alternative treatment for their health.  
    Lan R.
  • Anthony T.
    I have been seeing Dr. Auer for a little over two years now. I originally sought him out after struggling to find someone to properly diagnose my many medical issues(skin, digestive, plateaued weight-loss, allergies, insomnia, etc...), along with growing chronic forearm pain. I immediately found comfort and relief with the over the phone consultation he provided. I found him to be very easy to talk to and a great listener. He gave me a great deal of advice to get me started without having to even step foot in his office. He made me feel like someone finally understood what I was going through and was confident they had the tools that could help me heal. After my first appointment had concluded, I knew I had made the right decision. Over the next few months Dr. Auer's use and knowledge of Functional Medicine helped to uncover the many root causes of my symptoms. With the aide of his recommended supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle changes I finally felt in control of my health. If you're looking for a personable doctor who really takes the time for their patients and really knows their stuff, I can't say enough good things.
    Anthony T.
  • Simone S.
    Dr Auer is an extremely knowledgeable and talented functional medicine practitioner. He is passionate about helping his patients and stays up to date on the latest research and techniques. I appreciate the usage of blood and stool testing to establish a baseline from which you can track your health improvements. Prior to working with Dr Auer I had not understood my body's reactions to dairy and excess sugar. My overall health has greatly benefited from his in-depth knowledge of biochemical processes and experience with supplements. I had been disappointed over the years that traditional practitioners did not place heavier emphasis on the food that we eat. In my opinion functional medicine plays a huge role in successful treatment of autoimmune conditions and improving general health. I would highly recommend Dr Auer.
    Simone S.

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